Prestolite Power Packs:


Shelhurst Components (Pty) Ltd manufactures a range of Prestolite Power Packs for Military Clients with specific High Amp DC demands that are EMI compliant and ITAR Free.

The dramatic increase in demand for High Amp DC Electrical Power in the modern military arena led Shelhurst to develop a range of Prestolite Power Packs designed and developed to our customer’s specification, that offers MCP (Mission Control Power) with EMC (Electro Magnetic Compliance) and MCR (Mission Critical Redundancy), all essential requirements of the modern fighting vehicle.

Shelhurst provides a High Amp solution from 110A/24Vlts to 1200A/24Vlts.

260Amp/24Vlt Alternator

This alternator incorporates the very latest in the hairpin and electronic technology that delivers exceptional output for its small frame size. At 17kg it is compact and powerful ideal for engine compartments with limited space.

JB26028EMI | 24V | 260A |

  • 260Amp/24Vlt
  • High Temperature rated 125°C
  • EMI compliant to Mil-Spec 461F
  • Non-ITAR Options
  • PAD or JB180 mountings available
  • Compact design
  • Brushless

600Amp/24Vlt Alternator

Incorporating the latest hairpin technology and electronics, this alternator delivers exceptional output for a machine of its size. At 42kg, it is the most compact and Power DC alternator in its class

1287000 | 24V | 600A |

  • 24V / 280A at 2,000 rpm and 600A at 6,000rpm
  • Low maintenance
  • Low EMC footprint
  • Hairpin stator technology
  • 24 x 80A Avalanche diode rectifier
  • Non-ITAR options available in the following:
    – Standard with Thermo Cut Back regulator
    – Wadable version
    – Canbus version
    – Insulated Earth version